27/08/2017 – 2/09/2017 – Yoga retreat – Evelinka Rose

Kefalonia Yoga Retreat Schedule

Suitable for all levels

27/08/2017 – 2/09/2017








Experience alternative holidays in the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Your stay in a quiet, peaceful village ,will give you the perfect chance to relax in total tranquility. During the week, you will have the chance to practice yoga with an experienced yoga teacher, while also doing some island activities. You will have plenty of leisure time to explore the beautiful island or just relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the sun, discover unspoilt beaches, and meet new people with spectacular sea views in Kefalonia.

This retreat is suitable for all levels. Yoga classes will take place daily in the morning and evening at a farm under the olive trees in the historical threshing floor of the great grandfather who used it to separate grain from the chaff.

The morning classes will include Sun Salutation sequences, breathing practices and meditation, physically and mentally preparing us for the day ahead. Each class will have its own theme which may include focusing on a particular muscle group, developing patience in our practice or exploring our physical and/or mental limitations.  The classes will be Hatha based, therefore emphasis will be placed on breath work, alignment and subtle energy work. No matter what level the practitioner is at, there will be space and time in the classes for everyone to discover new possibilities in their yoga practice during this week and assistance will be given when needed. Yoga is a journey without an end goal or destination therefore we invite you to come with an open heart and mind and practice with patience, compassion and joie de vivre!

Some of the classes will include soothing music to support the flow and rhythm of the class and equipment such as blocks and straps will also be provided.

The evening classes will vary daily and we will work on specific themes as in the mornings, helping to give us focus in our practice.  The evening classes will be less dynamic and will be taught at a slower pace.  In these classes we aim to let go of the need to strive for something. Instead we surrender into the unknown.  Slowing our Yoga practice right down can reveal very interesting and surprising things to us, therefore it is worthwhile and will act as a counterpoint to the more dynamic Yang postures from the morning classes.  So these workshops will be more Yin and Restorative, supporting and nourishing our nervous systems and internal organs as well as releasing deep knots and blockages in the body.  Use of props will be necessary and will assist us in the longer held poses.  These sessions will usually end with a lovely long savasana (lying down) pose where deep regeneration of the body’s organs, cells and muscles takes place.  Some of these evening classes will also include guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.

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