28 June – 5 July 2018 – Yoga, Wellness & Coaching Holiday



Enjoy daily Yoga sessions with Sarah (at the retreat’s outdoor Yoga Shala or on nearby sandy beach), pre-sunset Relaxation and Mindfulness sessions at outstanding locations, being driven around the island to some of the island’s most revered beaches for R&R, to take in beautiful surroundings and sunsets, dine on healthy local cuisine. 

The morning Yoga sessions are held outside, either at the retreat’s beautiful Yoga Shala surrounded by olive trees and colourful flowers, in the garden overlooking the Ocean or on a nearby sandy beach. Some afternoons you will enjoy a restorative practice with Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) at selected beaches. One morning you will head up to the Peak of Mount Ainos for a Mindfulness session where the air so clear and pure and at this time, filled with the richest Prana (vital energy). Sarah will be teaching a combination of potent, flowing Dru Yoga and traditional, restorative Hatha Yoga.

This Yoga Holiday will suit you if:


  • You’ve done some Yoga and would love to develop your practice;
  • You’re a complete beginner and you’re curious about the benefits of Yoga and would like the opportunity to dive in and learn more (the pace is fairly gentle and modifications and adaptions are offered, making it accessible for all levels);
  • You need to take a break from life challenges and stress, you’d like to reset the nervous system and undo tension in the mind and body, which is much easier to do in a stunning setting!;
  • You’re at a point in your life where you’re reconsidering your life values/priorities and you’d like to enjoy holiday that encourages reflecting on this in a supportive and friendly environment (group Life Coaching sessions are built into the week, run by me, a certified Life Coach – and Yoga teacher);
  • You’d like to meet some new people and form new friendships and connections;
  • You’d like to come with your partner/friend and spend some of the time doing your own thing (the program is available for you join in, and you’re also welcome to arrange separate things at your own expense if you wish – we’re very flexible and will aim to help you get the most from your holiday).


Info at: www.karmiyoga.com.

Leader Name: Sarah Dawson