22-28 June Yoga & Thalasso (Wellbeing) holiday – Karmiyoga( Sarah Dawson)

Join us for a meditative yoga, relaxation and thalasso holiday drawing on the soul-soothing beauty of this Ionian Island in the Mediterranean. Deeply replenish mind, body and soul via the daily Yoga sessions (outdoors at the retreat’s Yoga Shala and pre-sunset Relaxation and Mindfulness sessions at outstanding locations), the beauty of the natural surroundings, the healthy local cuisine and the tranquillity of the retreat, which overlooks the ocean and the neighbouring island of Zakynthos.

Each morning session will stretch and warm up/wake up the muscles, and encourage flexibility and strength (inner and outer). All the yoga sessions during the week will be held outside, either at the retreat’s beautiful Yoga Shala surrounded by olive trees and colourful flowers, and for the afternoon sessions, where the emphasis is on being restorative, restful and calm, held outdoors at a quiet location on the beach, or in the mountains and at the time of day when the Prana is most rich (early evening).

The Yoga & Thalasso (Wellbeing) week is suitable for all levels – from complete beginner to more experienced yogis.

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